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Graduation Announcements

Everyone wants to brag a little every now and then. This is one of those times. You have come to a milestone in your life. You may be a little unsure of what lies ahead, but just act like you have the world by the tail. It will probably work out better than you could imagine.
How do you want to describe this to your peeps? Using pictures? Words? Designs? Just the facts? or some combination of all of them? You can search the internet for ideas or just formulate them in your mind (but you will have to describe them to us effectively!). Just contact us to get the ball rolling.
Pricing for full color with UV coating. Rounded corners. Artwork fee could be added for complex designs.
Single sided - $64 for 100, $94 for 250
Double sided - $69 for 100, $99 for 250
or call 859.878.2695.
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